Follow Your Passion

Only a lucky few have the vision and talent to create something beautiful—whatever your definition of beautiful may be.

Our concentrations and programs are designed to build your technical skills for professional success and our faculty nurtures your natural talents to bring out your best.

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Explore Your Creativity

For budding creative artists, there is no better path of study than visual arts. Our concentrations integrate art history and critical theory with traditional studio practice and emerging new media.

We're here to help you build the foundation you need to be successful and explore your creativity with new, exciting practices and outlets.


Love What You Do

If you do something you love, then success will follow.

The arts and culture industry creates about 5.7 million full-time jobs every year nationally, so there are plenty of opportunities out there.


Learn From the Best

Our faculty regularly receive significant recognition for their research and work with students with honors such as the University’s Distinguished Professor Award, the Outstanding Teacher Award, and the Excellence in Outstanding Undergraduate Mentor Research Award.

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Department of Visual Arts

If you have a passion for creating original and unique work or transforming something ordinary into the extraordinary, then a degree in visual arts is for you.

Students in our programs and concentrations work with our talented and world-class faculty to express their ideas, emotions, and creativity. With attention and encouragement from faculty and fellow students, you can learn new methods and master the ones you already know as you grow as an artist.

We offer concentrations in art education, ceramics, computer art and animation, graphic design, metalwork and jewelry, new media and digital art, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpting. Our programs include a core curriculum in art history and art foundations. Students can also minor in art history and studio art.

Gain the knowledge, skills, and experience you need to expand your imagination. Move people intellectually or emotionally through something you've made. But most importantly, love what you do.

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