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Our sculpture concentration prepares students to function in a variety of artistic roles within the contemporary field of sculpture. Students develop technical skills, competence in the use of media, and are exposed to a diverse range of traditional and contemporary modes of three-dimensional expression.

Traditional techniques in plaster, wood and metal-working are introduced in combination with alternative contemporary materials and processes. A cross-disciplinary approach is encouraged, fostering collaboration/hybridization in the practice of sculpture. These explorations are expressed in object based works, installations, art in public spaces, performance art, environmental art, and earthworks allowing students to develop a unique, and personal aesthetic vision.

The sculpture studio is located in the Visual Arts Annex and encompasses over 4000 square feet of space including a main communal work area, private / shared studio facilities for intermediate and advanced students, and separate studio areas for working with wood, metal, and plaster. In addition to the primary sculpture studio which houses a wide variety of power saws, drills, drill presses, sanders, welders, torches, grinders, metal benders, and a well stocked tool room, students have access to the College of the Arts wood and metal shops which contain extensive equipment for all students in the School of Architecture and Design as well as the Visual Arts Department.