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Art Education

Want to instill the love of art in the next generation? Are you passionate about teaching art skills and fostering talent? Our art education concentration prepares you to be a reflective, competent, and socially responsive educator.

Our art education concentration is a professional degree program that, in conjunction with the College of Education, offers students a major in art education that leads to a teaching certification in art. 

It works from the premise that making art and teaching art are both creative acts that demand personal investment, knowledge of one’s discipline, and art making endeavors that spark imagination and illuminate possibility for one’s self and others.

This concentration requires an informed and intuitive understanding of learners in an ever-changing world, a genuine desire to inspire rather than impose knowledge, an understanding of historical and contemporary art and artists, knowledge of wide range of studio processes, and hands-on opportunities to design and apply instruction. Finally, the program also emphasizes the importance of having a strong understanding of national, state, and local art standards, current technological innovations, and resources offered through involvement with professional organizations such as the National Art Education Association and the Louisiana Art Education Association.

Located in the Art Annex, the Art Education area encompasses a 1200 square foot studio with Smartroom technology, a resource room/computer lab, kiln room and Skutt electric kiln.

Inventory of Equipment in Art Education Studio

  • 1 Sink
  • 1 Skutt Kiln
  • 1 Wooden Drying Rack
  • 1 Printing Press
  • 1 First Aid Kit
  • 1 Eye Wash Station
  • 1 Paper Towel Holder
  • 1 Metal Storage Cabinet
  • 1 Large Wooden Storage Cabinet
  • 1 Large Wooden Storage Chest
  • 2 Metal School Lockers
  • 1 3x3 Metal Work Table
  • 1 Metal Shelf
  • 6 4x8 Student Work Tables
  • 1 Large Wooden Drafting Table
  • 2 2x3 Multipurpose Tables
  • 29 Student Chairs
  • 1 Paper Storage Unit on Wheels
  • 1 Office Desk
  • 1 Lexmark Printer
  • 1 HP Printer
  • 6 Dell Computer Workstations
  • 1 Gateway Laptop Computer
  • 1 Panasonic LCD Projector
  • 1 Smart Room Podium with
  • VCR, Document Camera, PC Internet Access, Flat Screen
  • 1 Retractable Screen
  • 1 Nikon Digital Camera
  • 1 HP Scanner
  • 1 File Cabinet
  • 1 Small Wooden Table
  • 1 Mid-size Work Table
  • 4 Chairs
  • 3 Wooden Shelves
  • 1 Large Wooden Bookshelf