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Transfer Plans

Whether you're a transfer student from another university, or you're already enrolled at UL Lafayette and want to change majors, you'll need to contact the Academic Success Center. They'll help you evaluate your transcripts and set you on a path to success as a visual arts major.

Students already enrolled at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette please contact Academic Success Center in Lee Hall.

Outside students, including international students:

You'll need to apply for admission to the University and provide official transcripts from each college or universities previously attended. Then, eligibility will be determined and records will be uploaded at the university. Once the transcripts are uploaded to the system, they become available for respective colleges and the departments to determine their equivalency and the students will be advised accordingly for courses at the university.

Transfer students will need to submit a transcript of their classes and a portfolio of their work for faculty to assess which studio classes may be accepted into the department’s curriculum.