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Art History

Looking for a great minor?  Why not Art History? The department’s art history minor is the perfect complement to many majors. History majors learn how to read visual evidence along with written documents. 

A minor in Art History affords the student with a broad multi-cultural perspective of the most important aesthetic contributions that define human innovation and creativity. In an increasingly global community this curriculum is applicable to numerous disciplines where an understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity is considered a highly desirable component of higher education.

All prerequisites, corequisites and restrictions apply. The Art History minor is for non-visual arts majors only.

Minor Requirements

Choose eighteen (18) credit hours from the following:

  •     VIAR 120 - Appreciation of the Visual Arts 3 Credit(s).
  •     VIAR 121 - Survey of the Visual Arts I 3 Credit(s).
  •     VIAR 122 - Survey of the Arts II 3 Credit(s).
  •     VIAR 220 - Introduction to Modern Art 3 Credit(s).
  •     VIAR 321 - Studies in Art History 3 Credit(s).
  •     VIAR 323 - Art Since 1945 3 Credit(s).
  •     VIAR 422 - Studies in Art History 3 Credit(s).