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Graphic Design

Graphic Design is the art of visual communication with text and image to convey meaning. Preparing students to enter the job market as visual problem solvers, our concentration is a true hybrid of print production and digital design, stressing the foundations of research process, technology and critical thinking. Students learn to use typography effectively, color as an emotional tool and the latest technology to design logos and identity systems, print and advertising campaigns as well as online and interactive design.

Career options include print media design and production, magazine and book design, editorial design, packaging, online and interactive design. Our graduates work in design and advertising agencies locally and nationally, as art directors, creative directors and entrepreneurs.

Beginning in the Spring Semester of 2024 all students concentrating in Graphic Design must take VIAR 344. This course is used for selective admissions and is a co-requisite of VIAR 345 Visual Communications. All students in the concentration must pass VIAR 344 with Credit and VIAR 345 with a grade of "C" or better. Students that do not sign up for the course will not be able to register for any other courses in the graphic design concentration. Review the PDF for more information.

Located in Fletcher Hall, the 2500 square foot Graphic Design studio has wireless access for online research and is open 7 days a week to concentration majors. Primary facilities include a high-resolution large format scanner, 2 large format color printer, 1 HP Laser Jet printer, 4 Macintosh workstations and 1 instructor workstation with high resolution projector. Publication documents can also be done with the binding equipment for student portfolios and multi-page documents. Students have access to photographic equipment, backdrops, lights, DSLR camera, and lenses. A collection of professional graphic design work is also available to students for research. And a printing lab with wood and metal type with a signmaker press is also located in the studio.

Inventory of Equipment in the Graphic Design studio:

  • 1 high-resolution large format scanner
  • 1 Epson 4800 full tabloid color printer
  • 1 Epson 9800 large format color printer
  • 1 HP Postscript monochromatic printer
  • 4 Macintosh workstations
  • 1 instructor workstation with high res projector for class demos and presentations
  • Photographic equipment for student documentation, includes backdrops, lights, DSLR camera, two lenses and soft box for shooting dimensional work
  • Collection of professional graphic design work used for class demonstrations
  • Wire binding and binder for portfolios and brochure designs
  • Wood and metal type, sign maker press, ink and brayers