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Our photography concentration nurtures a sense of adventure and curiosity coupled with technical sophistication through a vibrant dialogue between the traditional and digital realms of photography.

In light of its ability to represent reality, photography raises important issues concerning visual expression, representation, and the subjectivity of the manipulated photographic image. Through classroom exposure to different photographic processes, aesthetic criticism, and contemporary and historical movements, students are encouraged to explore the full range of expression available within the medium, as well as to understand the artistic and social implications of photography.

Located in Fletcher Hall, the Photography studio occupies 2,200 square feet of studio space and is open to students 24/7. Primary facilities include two digital printing labs with state of the art equipment, one traditional (wet) darkroom with eight stations equipped with enlargers for 35mm medium and large format, eight shared private darkrooms for intermediate and advanced students, large classroom/critique space with studio lights, two Epson large format flatbed scanners, access to 44 inch side format Epson 9900 printer, light studio kits, tripods, cameras for checkout, and access to film dvd library of the photographic arts.

Inventory of Equipment in Photography Studio

  • 17   Beseler 23II Enlargers
  • 6     Omego Enlargers
  • 4     Saunders LPL Enlargers
  • 6     LPL Saunders in Boxes (new)
  • 1     Omega/LPL Enlarger
  • 1     45S Dichro Beseler Enlarger
  • 1     Light Box
  • 2     Drymount Presses
  • 1     Negative Drying Closet
  • 7 - Macintosh Computer Workstations
  • 6 - Epson Professional Printers
  • 1 - Epson 9890 Large Format Printer
  • 4 - Epson 11”x17” Flatbed Scanners
  • 1 - AV Media Cart With Computer
  • 2   Archival Print Washers
  • 2   Large Sinks
  • Multiple Print-drying Racks with 40 Screens
  • 3   Tripods
  • 1   View Camera
  • 3   Medium Format Cameras
  • 1   Copy Stand