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Technology Requirements

The Department of Visual Arts embraces and teaches the latest software and hardware technology used in professional settings and in private artistic expression. In order to maintain these standards, students concentrating in Computer Art and Animation, Graphic Design, New Media and Digital Art, and Photography are required to purchase specific computer hardware relevant to their respective curricula. Graphic Design is the only concentration that specifically requires that only Macintosh laptops may be used for the course curriculum. Computer Art and Animation and New Media require PCs, and Photography students may use either PCs or Macintosh laptops for their respective curriculums. Additional software/hardware may be required, and will be outlined by each faculty member once a student begins their respective courses in their concentrations.

Due to the rapid advancement of both hardware and software, the Department of Visual Art recommends students avoid purchasing anything until a student starts their concentration; typically, the second semester of their sophomore year. Purchasing any form of technology too soon will render it outdated before a student reaches their chosen concentration. To that end, the department generally recommends its students to use campus computers and/or an inexpensive home computer for things such as writing papers or using the internet during the first year-and-a-half of their studies. At the end of the Fall Semester of their sophomore year students should then inquire with the head of their chosen concentration for specific requirements.