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The minors in Visual Arts or Art History are designed for students who are not visual art majors but want an introduction to the concepts and functions of both the visual arts and or art history offered in a professional training program. Both minors consist of an 18-credit sequence of departmental studio and/or art history courses and provide students an expanded opportunity to advance their artistic ability through hands-on creation, exhibition and research. Those students who are interested in a minor in visual arts or art history are strongly encouraged to come to the art department office for information regarding special requirements associated with the course work in our minors.

For students majoring in Visual Arts the University offers dozens of minors that will enrich their studies. By pursuing a minor, students can expand their knowledge and skills, which better prepare them for any career. Most minors focus on a particular discipline (like history or geology), while some are more interdisciplinary in nature and include courses from a variety of disciplines. Visit the Academics page on the university's website for more information regarding minors.

The Department of Visual Arts offers minors in:

All minors in the department are 18 credit hours.