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Prospective Students

Explore the horizons of your own talent in a creative, collaborative community at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. You’ll learn from our talented, experienced faculty who’ll guide your growth, stimulate your creativity, and engage with you in critical dialog to expand your imagination and hone your artistic skills.

In our visual arts concentrations, you'll work with industry-specific, professional hardware and software that you’ll need to know when you enter the job market — all in an environment that is challenging and prepares you for how the real world works.

Visual arts covers every creative medium imaginable; from painting to ceramics, graphic design and digital arts. So if you have a passion and talent for expressing yourself in a visual sense, then a degree in visual arts will provide you with the ideal foundation you need to select an area of specialization.

And one of the best parts of earning a degree in visual arts with us is that you couldn't be in a better place! Lafayette, Louisiana is at the heart of a thriving, dynamic arts community rooted in our unique Cajun and Creole heritage.